5 tips to care for and prolong the useful life of your clothes

Taking proper care of your garments helps them last longer, cares for the planet and prevents textile waste from ending up in landfills.
Here we leave you some very simple tips 😉

and only when necessary.
Most of the time clothes do not need to be washed after a single use. By washing your clothes less you are not only saving water but also detergent and you are making your clothes last longer.

 TIP: Use a spot cleaner if it's only dirty in a small spot. Or, failing that, the wonderful coconut soap with a cloth.


It often happens that we take for granted that we can wash all the clothes in the washing machine, or by hand or even in the laundry and we do not pay attention to the indications that are given for each garment. ALWAYS check care labels!
Not all fibers or finishes are cared for in the same way.


When you wash your clothes, make sure it's with cold water to save energy and help your clothes last longer. Heat can break down fibers and discolor some garments.

 FACT: Furthermore, according to a report we read in www.quantis.com, switching from hot to cold or lukewarm water every four out of five washes can save up to 864 pounds of CO2 per year².


We know that it can be of great help to dry sheets or towels, but We do NOT recommend it to dry clothes, especially the pretty ones 😉
The excessive heat to which the fibers are subjected in the dryer causes them to degrade and lose their colors. To others you contribute to an extra expense of energy.


If your garment's care label says "dry clean only," it means that the fabric or construction will not hold up to washing with water. In this case we recommend wait to take to the laundry until absolutely necessary. When it's time to dry clean, choose an eco-friendly, certified dry cleaner that avoids the use of harmful chemicals like perc.

 TIP: bring your own coveralls to have the garment returned there again and thus avoid the plastic bag that will probably end up in the trash.

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