This document describes the general terms and conditions applicable to the access and use of the services offered by BETTINA SPITZ Y CIA LTDA. (Hereinafter “BETTINA SPITZ”) within the Website WWW.BETTINASPITZ.COM (hereinafter “The website” or “the platform”). It is understood that any person who accesses, uses and/or registers on the Website (hereinafter "The User") has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Consequently, all visits, contracts and transactions made on the Website, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by the following guidelines and subject to the current legislation applicable in Colombia.

The established terms and conditions are mandatory knowledge and compliance by the User. In the event that the User does not fully or partially agree with any of the conditions or terms detailed here, they must refrain from using the Website.

If the User makes use of the Website, this will imply full acceptance of what is established in the general terms and conditions. In this sense, the user will be obliged to expressly comply with them, not being able to claim their ignorance. Please read this Policy carefully as by using the Website you are accepting it.


BETTINA SPITZ reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.


BETTINA SPITZ offers a variety of products such as: Clothing, accessories and shoes for women. BETTINA SPITZ distributes its products in the Colombian territory through its physical stores and the Website.


To register on the Website, the User must be of legal age, have the capacity to contract and must provide the following information: i) name; ii) surname; iii) identity document; iv) contact telephone number; v) address; and, vi) email. Along with this information, the User will be asked to create an access code for subsequent income.

The acts that minors carry out on the Website will be the responsibility of their parents, guardians, managers or curators, and therefore they will be considered carried out by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have. Whoever registers a User as a company must have the capacity to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind it.

It will be a necessary requirement for the acquisition of products and services offered in BETTINA SPITZ the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, of the Privacy Policy and the registration by the user. To complete the registration process, the user must express their willingness to accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the respective box.

The User must provide truthful, accurate, current and complete information in all aspects. If any of this information changes, the User must notify BETTINA SPITZ by email at [email protected].


Once the payment of the purchase order is confirmed, the contract between BETTINA SPITZ and The User will be understood to have been perfected, and the corresponding invoice will be issued. On the business day following the day of purchase, the term for the delivery of the respective products will begin to count.

The unit prices of each product published on the Website include the Value Added Tax – VAT, which will be itemized at the time of confirming the purchase order. Likewise, the amount to be paid for the transportation service, if applicable, is listed separately.


The User must bear the costs of transporting the products purchased as may be due to their purchase; In any case, the value of the transport will be informed at the time of generating the purchase order, clarifying that said charge may vary according to the city where the dispatch must be made.

BETTINA SPITZ, in some events and special occasions, will assume the shipping costs of the products, a situation that will be informed to the User on the Website or in the purchase order made by the User.


BETTINA SPITZ will deliver the products purchased through the Website, to the delivery address provided by The User:

  • In Bogotá in 2 business days counted from the business day after the purchase was made.
  • Only for Bogotá we enable EXPRESS SHIPPING. If the User chooses this type of shipping, the purchase will be shipped the same day. Requirements: be a business day and that the purchase is perfected before 4:00 pm.
  • For other cities in the country, delivery will be made within 3 business days from the business day after the purchase was made.
  • There are cities like San Andrés, Inírida, Mitú, Riohacha, Yopal, and Puerto Carreño, in which the shipment can take from 5 to 7 business days.

However, in circumstances of force majeure, BETTINA SPITZ will not be responsible for delays or other unforeseen deliveries. Such circumstances will be informed by telephone or electronically to the User.

In times of festivities or special occasions that demand a strong demand for our products, the delivery time for them will be eight (8) business days, which will begin to count from the business day following the effective date of payment. In these cases, the User will be notified of said situation.

The sale of the products on the Website will be subject to inventory availability. If at the time of enlisting the product there is no availability of the same, BETTINA SPITZ will contact The User to resolve the situation, consisting of defining a new delivery date for the product, the change of order for a similar product or of equal value, a bonus, or money back.

The User must bear in mind that the items that he adds and keeps in his shopping cart without making the actual payment for them are not reserved and may be purchased by other users.


Prior to accepting the purchase order, BETTINA SPITZ will verify through PAYU LATAM that payment for the order has been made, through any of the following means of payment authorized on the Website:


 You must forget to demand and keep your sales invoice to make any changes or request the product guarantee. For product changes: The maximum period is one (1) month which will be counted from the day of purchase. It is essential to present the sales invoice, the product must retain all its labels, the product must be in perfect condition, that is, clean, without modifications and not used. Promotional products do NOT have change, it is important to note that money refunds are NOT made. 


For product warranty: At the time of purchase, it is essential that you check your product, read and understand the instructions for use, washing and care. The maximum term is two (2) months counted from the day of the purchase. 

It is essential to present the sales invoice together with the product in perfect cleaning conditions to make the claim. The product warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or care of the product, shrinkage, natural wear and tear and/or poorly washed or dry-cleaned garments. The warranty claim request will be handled by the store advisor, who will send the product with the corresponding claim control format duly completed and signed for its respective analysis, in which the application of the warranty will be determined.

 The response of the analysis will be made in a maximum time of 15 business days from the day of entry of the product (This period does not include the time required to fix the product if it is viable). The effectiveness of the guarantee will be done in accordance with Law 1480 of 2011 and Decree 735 of 2013. In the event that the Quality Department determines that your request has been denied, you have four (4) months to withdraw the product from the point of sale where you made the claim; after this period BETTINA SPITZ Y CIA LTDA is not responsible.



The discounts of BETTINA SPITZ Y CIA LTDA They are not cumulative with other promotions and/or discounts. The products of the online catalog and physical stores are included in the day without VAT. Participating stores:

  • Calle 84A #12-18 – Bogotá Tel. 7447153
  • Calle 122 No. 18-04 – Bogotá Tel. 2137699
  • CC Andino local 225 – Bogotá Tel. 6184802
  • CC Hacienda Sta. Bárbara local C-135 – BogotáTel. 6292863
  • CC Fontanar local 315 – Chía Tel. 8844797

Everything that has not been expressly stated in these terms and conditions, including delivery times, product exchange or return policies, among others, will be fully governed by the general terms and conditions.


BETTINA SPITZ will apply the October 28, November 19 and December 3 the exception of VAT (19%), this will be applied to face-to-face sales and digital media.



Covered goods. The goods covered by this Legislative Decree (hereinafter "covered goods") are those indicated below:

Clothing whose sale price per unit is equal to or less than twenty (20) UVT, not including sales tax -VAT.

Clothing accessories whose sale price per unit is equal to or less than twenty (20) UVT, not including sales tax -VAT.

This means, for the year 2021 the UVT (Tax Value Unit) is $ 36,308; Considering this information, the garments that will enter the days without VAT will be those that do not exceed $ 726.160, is equivalent to 20 (UVT). Not including VAT.


An invoice must be issued, which must be fulfilled exclusively by electronic invoice with prior validation, where the final consumer purchaser of the covered goods must be identified.

The invoice of the covered goods that is issued to the final consumer must be issued on the day in which the sale of said goods was made; if the sale is made by electronic commerce, the issuance of the invoice must be made no later than 11:59 pm. from the day following the day without sales tax-VAT on which the sale was made.


In order to maintain the exemption from sales tax -VAT on the "day without VAT" when submit returns, exchanges, or warranties on covered goods for the exemption in the sales tax -VAT, which were sold on the day in which the exemption was applied, the person responsible for the sales tax -VAT, must make the return, exchange or guarantee for another good of the same reference , brand, value and to the same acquirer of the good object of return, exchange or guarantee. When the return or reimbursement of the value of the good is generated, the new purchase will not be covered with the exemption in the sales tax -VAT unless it is made on another day that this benefit applies.


Covered property is must be delivered to the final consumer or collected by the latter within two (2) weeks following, counted from the date on which the invoice or equivalent document was issued.


Unit limit. the end consumer You can purchase up to three (3) units of the same good covered and disposed of by the same person in charge. Units of the same well covered are those that belong to the same genus.


Payments for the covered property must be made in cash, debit cards, credit cards or any other electronic payment mechanism. The date of Boucher, the electronic message of payment or the proof of payment must correspond to the same date of the day on which the sale corresponding to the day covered by the benefit established in article was made. of this Decree. The foregoing in accordance with the provisions of number 3 of article 39 of Law 2155 of 2021.


The sale price of the covered property must correspond to the value effectively paid by the purchaser of the good before sales tax -VAT, considering the provisions of subsection 3 of article 90 of the Tax Statute and without exceeding the amount in tax value units -UVT determined for each covered asset, in accordance with the provisions of article 38 and number 5 of article 39 of Law 2155 of 2021.